439.915 visitors in 2010!

17 Jan 2011 by Melanie Alperstaedt
2010 was a very successful year for the DDR Museum: We doubled the exhibition space, opened a new restaurant and had 10 percent more visitors than in 2009! Now, we look forward to 2011 :)
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Happy 80th Birthday Armin Mueller-Stahl!

17 Dec 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Mr. Mueller-Stahl was born in Tilsit and grew up in the German Democratic Republic. There he started his career as an actor. Later he became famous in reunified Germany and in the USA. He played in many German films, but also in successfull movies made in Hollywood. Just have a look!
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Greg Gutfeld, the host of “Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld” visited the DDR Museum

3 Dec 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Greg Gutfeld is a well known host of the TV show Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld. He visited Berlin over Thanksgiving and calles the DDR Museum in his blog and in his show "the high point" of his visit. If you like, you can read it for yourself here...
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The Advent season beginns: We present our "Christmas Table"

24 Nov 2010 by Admin
In four weeks, it is Christmas! In time to the first advent and our anticipation, two colleagues of mine designed the christmas table for our museum shop.
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GDR Commercials for You

18 Nov 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
I found some GDR commercials. Probably you won`t understand what they are saying. Nevertheless I think that they could be interesting for you.
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Since yesterday, Berlin has a new place of remembrance: The "Platz des 9. November 1989"

10 Nov 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Yesterday was the 21st jubilee of the fall of the Wall in 1989. Im my opinion, it was high time for a special place in Berlin, which has a name like "Platz des 9. November 1989". This day was so important for so many people in Germany and it changed so many lives!
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Sad News: The photographer Sibylle Bergemann died Tuesday night

3 Nov 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Sibylle Bergemann was born in 1941 and was a well known photographer in the GDR and in the reunified Germany. Her pictures were published in the GDR fashion magazin Sibylle, in the magazin Magazin and were shown in several exhibitions. In 1990 she was one of the co-founders of the famous photographers agency Ostkreuz. Since 1994, she was a member of the renowned Akademie der Künste.
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The Goethe-Institut in New York published a video: You will find the DDR Museum in the video, too!

20 Oct 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
The Goethe-Institut in New York organises a contest for schools in the U.S. and in Canada. This contest is based on a video about Germany 20 years after the reunification. It is in English or in French and you will see the DDR Museum and a short interview with the director Robert Rückel in the video.
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The team celebrated the opening, too!

14 Oct 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Of course, the opening involved hard work for the team. Nevertheless, we all celebrated the opening of the new part of the exhibition. Therefore I would like to show you some pictures of us!
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We opened the new exhibition and the new restaurant Domklause

12 Oct 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
The last few days were turbulent! The daily routine was influenced by working on the exhibition, press events, preparations for the opening celebration, the opening party itself, excitement and unrest. Slowly, the calm comes back...
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New pictures and very important news...

27 Sep 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
It gets more and more difficult to find pictures, which do not give to much away. But I have good news for you: The DDR Museum opens it`s new exhibition space on the 10th of October! After 10 am, you have the chance to get a picture of the exhibition yourself. :)
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An interesting article about former GDR civil-rights activists

21 Sep 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Today, I would like to recommend you an article, published on the website of the Deutsche Welle, the German international broadcaster. You get informed about the fact, that only few of the inportant former GDR civil-rights activists and dissidents are in the German parliament ("Bundestag") nowadays.
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Step by step…

10 Sep 2010 by Admin
...we are getting closer to the opening of the new exhibition and restaurant space.
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Culture meets Cocktails - The "Lange Nacht der Museen"

27 Aug 2010 by Admin
A truly indispensable item on the agenda of the Berliner Kultursommer is imminent: The 27th Lange Nacht der Museen (Long Night of the Museums).
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We proudly present: Our new Bookcase!

26 Aug 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Because of our visitors suggestions, we built a new bookcase for our theme area "Culture". Inside, the visitor finds interesting or popular GDR literature. Of course, you are allowed to touch or read the books.
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Our new Volvo arrived yesterday!

12 Aug 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
I would like to show you some pictures of our new Volvo! It was a state carriage in the GDR and was restored during the last months. It will be an exhibit in our new exhibition and like the Trabi, the visitors are allowed to touch it and to get in.
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Mary Fulbrook`s new book: The People’s State: East German Society from Hitler to Honecker

6 Aug 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
Today, I would like to recommand you an interesting review of a book by Mary Fulbrook. The author of the review, Neil Davenport, read the book and tells us, what he thinks about it. 
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My first visit of the future exhibition space!

27 Jul 2010 by Admin
Today I had the first possibility to see the future exhibition and restaurant space, after my stay abroad.
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I would like to show you the logo of our new restaurant "Domklause"!

22 Jul 2010 by Melanie Alperstaedt
This is our logo for the DDR Restaurant Domklause!
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