Our completely revised and enhanced GDR-guide is now available!

Finally! The new GDR-guide is out now!
by Melanie Alperstaedt (11 Jun 2012)

Finally! The new GDR-guide is out now!

The colleagues have been working on it for months - now we can all finally flick through the final result. What I first noticed is that the new GDR-guide is thicker than its predecessor.

The brandnew book contains about 160 pages with lots of graphics and photographs, much more than the previous one! The book is divided into more than 42 chapters which deal with many different topics such as politics, family, media, economy in the GDR etc etc etc... on the one hand, the GDR-guide offers perfect access to the topic GDR, on the other hand it is the ideal companion through our exhibition.

The new GDR-guide is especially handy because it is not only packed with information but also because it serves as a guide through the exhibition. Since October 2010, the museum is twice the size as it used to be, therefore there are lots of new topics also in the GDR-guide! You can find photographs of the exhibition itself as well as pictures from back then or lots of interesting statistics.

The texts were written by the director of the DDR Museum, Mr. Robert Rückel, the historian in chief Dr. Stefan Wolle and Dr. Jochen Voit, who is the director of the memorial and educational institution "Andreasstraße" in Erfurt. Curator and head of the collection Ms. Katrin Strohl as well as the journalist Andreas Menn are also authors of the GDR-guide.

What made us especially happy was that everyone from the team was mentioned by name and acknowledged in the book. And I mean everyone - from the facility manager to me - the trainee - the donors and other institutions. That means, also the people (or institutions) who didn't directly work on the book but have done a lot for the DDR Museum. A nice gesture of the authors!

Are you curious about the new GDR-guide now? You can get it at our online shop for 9,95 €, the shipping costs only 3,00 €.


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