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We present: The online shop of the DDR Museum

In the online shop of the DDR Museum, products, developed specifically for the Berlin Museum such as card games, books and everyday products inspired by DDR design, can be purchased under the three categories »DDR Museum«, »DDR Nostalgia« and East Package »Ostpaket«. (26 May 2020)

Books and own products in the category »Games«

The category »Games« includes card games that were developed and produced especially for the DDR Museum Berlin, including the popular card game »GDR Game«. The recently released card game »Stasi  over and out«,  developed by Playing History in cooperation with the DDR Museum and the Stasi Records Archive, is also available in the online shop.

Typical DDR designs in the categories »Ostalgia« and »Textiles«

In the nostalgic section of ​​the online shop there are mainly everyday products that shine in typical DDR designs or with DDR motifs, such as jute bags, breakfast boards, coasters made of cork, postcards as well as notebooks and even flower seeds. These DDR products are ideal as souvenirs or gifts.

New in the shop of the DDR Museum: The East Package

A special highlight is the new East Package »Ostpaket« in the Palace of the Republic design. Consisting of 24 household and food products, there is something for everyone here. In addition to recreated original products such as the popular egg cup »Chicken« in different colours or the Nudossi nut spread, there are also everyday items in typical DDR designs. These include, for example, a coaster set, a writing set and a to-go mug in wonderful bright colours.

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We hope you enjoy browsing through our online shop.


PS: An even more extensive selection of products awaits you on site in our museum shop. We are there for you 365 days a year, come along!

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