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The educational services of the DDR Museum

Janine Henschel
Visitor Relations
T: +49 (0)30 - 847 123 73 - 2
F: +49 (0)30 - 847 123 73 - 9



An anecdote, a metaphor, the imagination, even individual experience are not mere flashes of interest in the otherwise dry study of history, but represent the keys to understanding complex issues. 

Stefan Wolle in "Die heile Welt der Diktatur"



The DDR Museum takes seriously its role as a provider of educational services: the unique combination of interaction, explanation and entertainment in our exhibition transforms the passive visitor into a participant in a journey of discovery. This perfect educative experience is supplemented by a number of additional educational services and in-house publications. A visit to the DDR Museum is a unique learning experience.


Guided tours of the museum

Provided in 15 different languages, our guided tours take a number of forms. An informative exploration of the permanent exhibition can be extended by an "on location" component held outside the museum. We offer tours of the former government quarters in the city centre, and Karl Marx Strasse, "the premier boulevard of Socialism." Other tours are conducted entirely outside, exploring routes such as the former course of the Berlin Wall, or Berlin's historical centre. All our guides either have first-hand knowledge of the GDR or have acquired their expertise through academic study. They are trained to adjust their presentation to the needs of their audiences. Further information about our guided tours

First-hand experience of the GDR: talks from contemporary witnesses

Talks from contemporary eyewitnesses offer a first-hand account of everyday life in the GDR, enabling visitors to flesh out areas of particular interest and appreciate the special quality of life in East Germany. We can provide eyewitnesses to speak on almost any aspect of life in the GDR.

Steer your learning experience: workshops and the schools' resource centre

Pupils learn best through activities. Our participative workshops focussing on topics such as "ideology" and the "East German school system" enthuse pupils, thereby enabling them to differentiate between concepts such as democracy and dictatorship. We are also happy to work with teachers to organize project days dealing with the topic of the GDR from a broad range of perspectives. A GDR quiz for school children is available free-of-charge to structure museum visits without a tour.

Learning outside the school: our Visitor Centre

School groups can take advantage of our seminar room to extend their learning experience. This provides the ideal atmosphere and facilities with which both to prepare for the museum visit and discuss the experience of the day. School groups also have access to our extensive library and multi-media resources. The Visitor Centre