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Loaning exhibits

Jörn Kleinhardt
Head of collections
T: +49 (0)30 - 847 123 73 - 5
M: +49 (0)172 649 886 0
F: +49 (0)30 - 847 123 73 - 9


Loaning exhibitsLoaning exhibitsLoaning exhibits

"An Bildern schleppt ihr hin und her
Verlorenes und Erworbenes;
Und bei dem Senden kreuz und quer
Was bleibt uns denn? - Verdorbenes!"

Contrary to Goethe's recommendation not to loan objects, we are happy to do so, as long as they are held and transported in the right conditions. We also curate a temporary exhibition for you, feel free to contact us and to tell us your ideas. You can show an exhibition for an evening, for a day or a year, it`s your decision!

If you require any objects for an exhibition, research purposes, or as props in theatre play or film, we are happy to accept all inquiries. Our archive is well-stocked. See for yourself!

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