The DDR Museum wishes you a happy New Year!
Review  A special year for the DDR Museum
New attendance record  578.000 visitors in 2014
DDR Museum wins award for „Bürokratopoly“  Educational game from the GDR
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Online ticket shop  Time-slot tickets simplify things!

January 29th, 2015  Schäfers Hour Episode 11: Helga Piur
February 3rd, 2015  Exhibition opening: plastic people from the GDR
February 17th, 2015  For Gundis’ 60th Birthday
February 24th, 2015  „Pappelallee“
March 10th, 2015  Book premiere: Beyond the “Nudossi“ horizon
March 24th, 2015  „The biggest rascal in the whole country…?“

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A special year for the DDR Museum

Please excuse the yesterday mail in German!

Dear readers,

the DDR Museum experienced an eventful year 2014: Not only the autumn as highlight of the celebrations for the silver jubilee of the Peaceful Revolution and the Fall of the Wall, but also the publication of the educational game "Bürokratopoly", the launch of a online ticket shop or the staged revolutions procession in remembrance of the Peaceful Revolution were important basic points of the last year. 2014 ended for the DDR Museum with the award „Geschichte erinnern - Gegenwart gestalten", awarded by The Federal Agency for Civic Education, for the game „Bürokratopoly". The DDR Museum looks forward to the challenges of the New Year and I wish you on behalf of the whole team a healthy New Year!

Robert Rückel

  New attendance record
578.000 visitors in 2014

Since the opening of the DDR Museum in summer 2006 we register consistently rising attendance. In 2014, the year of the silver jubilee of the Fall of the Wall, 10.000 people more than 2013 visited the DDR Museum! 2013 the DDR Museum was the sixth most visited museum in Berlin and till today 3.6 million guests from all over the world experienced a hands-on experience of history. A lot of visitors leave a greeting in the Visitor's book; on our Pinterest page we show you the loveliest entries from all over the world!

  DDR Museum wins award for „Bürokratopoly“
Educational game from the GDR

On the 11th of December the DDR Museum received as the publisher of the educational game „Bürokratopoly" the award „Geschichte erinnern - Gegenwart gestalten" for excellent imparting of the Peaceful Revolution and the Fall of the Wall by The Federal Agency for Civic Education. The director, Robert Rückel, received the award in place of the whole team. Because not only the DDR Museum, but also Martin Thiele and Michael Geithner from the game initiative "Nachgemacht", the agency "capito" and the original inventor of the game, the GDR oppositionist Martin Böttger, invest a lot of lifeblood in this extraordinary idea. We would particularly like to thank all of them! More information you get on www.buerokratopoly.de. You can order the „educational game from the GDR" directly in our online shop.

  Top 100 of the German National Tourist Board
Please vote for us!

The DDR Museum Berlin is, like a survey of the German National Tourist Board has shown 2014, under the 100 best-liked destinations in Germany! The German National Tourist Board asked 11.000 Germany travelers for their personal favorite destination in Germany, the DDR Museum reached a place in the exclusive list of the touristic hot spots. The DDR Museum is therefore not only the sixth most visited museum in Berlin, but also one of the 13 best-liked museums in Germany. You were already in the DDR Museum or want to visit us? Vote for us on the homepage of the German National Tourist Board!

  Online ticket shop
Time-slot tickets simplify things!

Since a half year there is the possibility to buy in our online shop time-slot tickets for the DDR Museum. Make use of the advantages with your next visit: You don't have to queue anymore, but you can easily skip the line - and you don't have to pay more money! You principally don't pay more for the time-slot tickets, but rather always less! A ticket for the evening hours costs online 5€; for all the other hours it costs always 6€. Spontaneously bought tickets at the cash desk cost 7€, the online available VIP ticket cinches you for 9€ all advantages plus the temporal flexibility. All tickets are printable at home; here you get through the online ticket shop.

  January 29th, 2015, 7.00pm
Schäfers Hour Episode 11: Helga Piur
The actress Helga Piur in conversation with Alexander G. Schäfer
The stage was already in her childhood her life. Nevertheless she learned at first the occupation of a secretary. From this base she applied many times at the acting school and … failed. But, she wasn’t deterred and took private classes with the theatre legend Eduard von Winderstein. He promoted her and so she soon belonged to the steady company of the “Deutsche Fernsehfunk”. With the role of the doctor’s receptionist “Häppchen” in the TV series “Zahn um Zahn” she made the breakthrough. After the turnaround she was often seen in television, too, but now she attends again more to the play. In 2009 her autobiography “Ein Häppchen von mir” was published. Alexander G. Schäfer will talk with her about her biography and much more and will shine on her life based on her book and by film clips.

Helga Piur, actress, Berlin
Alexander G. Schäfer, actor, Berlin

Date: January 29th, 2015
Time: 7.00pm
Location: Visitor Center
Entry fee: free
  February 3rd, 2015, 7.00pm
Exhibition opening: plastic people from the GDR
The toy collector Bernd Havenstein presents exhibits of his collection
There has been Amerindians, cowboys and NVA soldiers as token since the 50ties. But figures, which fit for the object of play, which were movably, which could be put or removed into vehicles, you could find in the GDR at first several years later. The colorful figures with various tools and supplies fit to scale to the vehicles from Brandenburg, Weimar or to the cars of Plasticart from Annaberg-Buchholz. How extensive and partly excellently designed the world of figures of the GDR was, shows starting February 3 a small presentation in the Restaurant of the DDR Museum. In celebration of the opening Bernd Havenstein tells about his collections and presents some of the exhibits of the special exhibition.

Bernd Havenstein, collector, Berlin
Sören Marotz, Head of Collection DDR Museum, Berlin
Date: February 3rd, 2015
Time: 7.00pm
Location: Visitor Center
Entry fee: free
  February 17th, 2015, 7.00pm
For Gundis’ 60th Birthday
The STEINLANDPIRATEN play songs of Gerhard Gundermann
The too early defunct Gerhard Gundermann, friends named him Gundi, sticks as digger operator and rock musician in our memory. His songs hold a mirror up to the brokenness of an East generation, which apparently never found itself. At the 21st of February 2015 he would become 60 years old. In honour of this occasion the STEINLANDPIRATEN – Patti Heidrich and Karsten Schützler – have rummaged in the Gundermann concert recordings out of a decade and have scooped a lot of non-published into the light of day. Sören Marotz reads some of his “Zwischentexte”: short stories, which were known above all of Gundis’ solo concerts.

Patti Heidrich, singer, Berlin
Karsten Schützler, musician, Berlin
Sören Marotz, Head of Collection DDR Museum, Berlin

Date: February 17th, 2015
Time: 7.00pm
Location: Visitor Center
Entry fee: free
  February 24th, 2015, 7.00pm
Anrdeas H. Apelt presents his new novel “Pappelallee”
The inhabitants of the old tenement close by the Gethsemane church got along with the real socialism. Only three young people disturb the lying idyll. Ottmar, the son of a pastor and theological student from the Lower Lusatia, Hülsmann, the scene shifter and poet, and Reihnhard Voss, the applicant of an exit. The pubs and the scene cafes of the Berlin ward Prenzlauer Berg are their alternative world. Here prepares intellectually and mentally the turmoil of 1989. The meanwhile fifth novel of Andreas H. Apelt revives the lost myth of his home ward “Prenzlberg” to a literary life.

Reading with:
Andreas H. Apelt, publicist and writer, Berlin
Date: February 24th, 2015
Time: 7.00pm
Location: Visitor Center
Entry fee: free
  March 10th, 2015, 7.00pm
Book premiere: Beyond the “Nudossi“ horizon
The destiny of more than 100 known GDR products after the turnaround
In the GDR bottom-shelf goods, after the turnaround at risk of a bankruptcy and finally arose in the colorful consumer world of capitalism. Beside of the many insolvency and closures there were a number of spectacular success stories. “Nudossi”, the chocolate cream with the original nut taste, depends to these East legends, which still today find their lover. The known economic historian and non-fiction author traces the destiny of more than 100 East products and brings amazing backgrounds to light. So there are good reasons to pop the all-German bottles of champagne – of course with “Rotkäppchen” champagne!

Reading with:
Erik Lindner, historian and author, Berlin
Date: March 10th, 2015
Time: 7.00pm
Location: Visitor Center
Entry fee: free
  March 24th, 2015, 7.00pm
„The biggest rascal in the whole country…?“
Academics of the Federal Agency for the Records of the State Security Service of the former GDR discuss their research results
When the Stasi archives opened at the beginning of 1990, a previously unknown term did the round. The abbreviation “IM”, that stands for “Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter” (unoffical collaborator). One “IM” disclosure chased the next and at the same time those responsible for the system were often forgot. After a lot of excited debates two peers – Christian Booß and Helmut Müller - apply their selves to the phenomenon of the denouncer. With a big objectivity and an exact knowledge of the sources they analyze in their book “Die indiskrete Gesellschaft” the function and the status of the political denunciation, which wasn’t prosecuted not only by the Stasi, but also by the People's Police, education authorities, the Socialist Unity Party of Germany and the mass organizations.

Discussion between:
Christian Booß, historian, Berlin
Helmut Müller-Enbergs, historian, Berlin
Stefan Wolle, Head of Research DDR Museum, Berlin

Date: March 24th, 2015
Time: 7.00pm
Location: Visitor Center
Entry fee: free
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Shielded from the Western world by the iron cutain and subject to surveiilance from the Ministry for State Security, 17 million East Germans lived under the control of the Socialist Unity Party. But what was life like under Real Existing Socialism? Was it just a story of pickles from the Spree Forest, Free Body Culture and life in high-rise tower blocks? Or is the reality of Socialism better captured by concentrating on full employment and endless queuing? The 160 pages of this GDR guide introduce its readers to all the elements of life in a world which has long since dissappeared. 42 exciting chapters written by experts from the DDR Museum and including over 200 photographs and countless illustrations provide both a succinct introduction to the history of the GDR an the ideal companion to the permanent exhibition at the DDR Museum. Written by Dr. Stefan Wolle, Dr. Jochen Voit and others. "An important contribution to our inner reunification. More than just a good read, the GDR Guide should be required reading for all Germans" [literaturtipps.de].
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