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July 24th, 2012  The “Adventurous Simplicissimus” from the East
August 7th, 2012  Between Jägerschnitzel and Schlagersüßtafel
August 21st, 2012  In private
August 25th, 2012  The Long Night of the Museums at the DDR Museum: Berlin, your heart kn...
September 4th, 2012  My father worked at the Ministry of State Security

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  Hot off the press
A journey to a bygone state

As of this month, our new book "GDR-guide. A journey to a bygone state" is available in bookshops, our online shop and at our museum for only 9,95 EUR!

The GDR-guide shows the life of a bygone state on 160 pages. 42 gripping chapters, written by our experts like Dr. Stefan Wolle and Dr. Jochen Voit, and more than 200 photographs and numerous illustrations describe the life in the GDR in a lively way. An entertaining book about the GDR and at the same time the perfect companion through the permanent exhibition of the DDR Museum.

The new guide also contains topics like the National People's Army, prosecution, ideology or sister states. By the use of a colourful mixture of concise texts and exceptional pictorial material, the GDR-guide gives a first detailed overview of the GDR.

Literaturtipps.de reported on the first, much thinner, edition already: "The GDR-guide should be required reading for every German. An important contribution to the inner reunification and a nice book to browse through!"

Order here or buy it at the museum or your trusted bookshop!

  DDR-Restaurant Domklause
Enjoy at the Spree river

Directly opposite the Berliner Dom on the banks of the Spree, the sun terrace of the GDR restaurant Domklause has openend!

Enjoy Goldbroiler, Jägerschnitzel, Soljanka - as well as fresh Beelitz asparagus, a feast from the sea or simply a cool draught Berliner Bürgerbräu!

The team and restaurant manager Kim-Johann Stender are looking forward to your reservation!

  July 24th, 2012, 7pm
The “Adventurous Simplicissimus” from the East
Immo Senneweld reads from his first two volumes of his GDR trilogy
Anyone who thinks that the life in the GDR was grey and monotonous, should definitely read Immo Sennewald’s novels. They tell of the “summer of love” in a Thuringian town in 1968, of the student life at the Humboldt University in the Seventies in Berlin, of love and hate, dreams and disappointments. The author is from Thuringia, studied Physics and became an actor and theatre director later on. Yet both of the present volumes “View from the tower” and “Babels Berg” are much more than an autobiography. Book reviewer Hand Zengler wrote that the novel was the “Adventurous Simplicissimus” of the 20. century.
The author reads from the first two volumes of his trilogy and tells about the third volume which is supposed to be published in spring 2013.

Reading with:
Immo Sennewald, author, Baden-Baden
Date: July 24th, 2012
Time: 7pm
Location: Besucherzentrum
Entry fee: free
  August 7th, 2012, 7pm
Between Jägerschnitzel and Schlagersüßtafel
Wolfgang Wündsch as „Fritz the tractor driver“ recalls the everyday life in GDR by using scenes, songs and stories
Today, we are able to laugh about it. Back then, it wasn’t always that funny when a colleague of the trade organisation restaurant sent the hungry guest harshly back to the queue saying “You will be placed!”. When ordering, the guests were often told “Not available!” or “Schnitzel is sold out!”. The artist Wolfgang Wündsch alias “Fritz the tractor driver” recalls this and also other dissensions of the socialistic everyday life with his many times priced collective.
In addition to that, Jägerschnitzel with filling side dish and other offers of the company-owned kitchen will be served on request. Every participant will get a Zetti Schlagersüßtafel as social recognition.

Play by:
Wolfgang Wündsch, character, Berlin
Tina Schmidt, singer, Berlin
Kalle Ricken (Gebrüder Blattschuss), musician, Berlin
Date: August 7th, 2012
Time: 7pm
Entry fee: 8 €, reduced 6 €
  August 21st, 2012, 7pm
In private
Uta Kolano presents her book “kollektiv d’amour”
How did the sexual life in the GDR differ from the one in the Federal Republic of Germany? Was the GDR more casual and revealing in sexual matters? Were the East Germans concerning their sexual life crucially more satisfied than their West German neighbours? Uta Kolano examines to which extent the political system of the GDR had an impact on the love life of its citizens. Numerous contemporary witnesses get their chance to speak, among others the first stripper of the GDR, a nude photographer as well as the sexologist Jutta Reusch-Treuwerth who used to write the legendary series “In private” in the “Jungen Welt”.

The authoress reads from her book and will be available for a discussion afterwards.

Reading with:
Uta Kolano, authoress and filmmaker, Berlin
Date: August 21st, 2012
Time: 7pm
Entry fee: free
  August 25th, 2012, 6pm - 2am
The Long Night of the Museums at the DDR Museum: Berlin, your heart knows no wall
The 750-year celebration of 1987 in the divided Berlin
In the East, the 750-year anniversary of Berlin in 1987 was a giant celebration. The intention to outstrip West Berlin was obvious and basically even successful. Within the GDR, the preference of Berlin attracted much resentment because vital capacity was withdrawn from the province which was therefore missing there. Everywhere, more or less open watchwords appeared e.g. 1000 years Quedlinburg or even 10 million years Elbe Sandstone Mountains. Especially in 1987 at the “Concert for Berlin” in front of the Reichstag it was clear how explosive the situation at the Wall was. Thousands of teenagers from the East flocked to the Brandenburg Gate. When the police got out the batons, they were shouting “The Wall must go!” in unison.

From 8pm onwards Dr. Stefan Wolle will give a speech on the subject “The 750-year celebration of the year 1987 – One city, two anniversaries” at the visitor centre.

DJ Albi will be playing songs at the Domklause the whole evening. From 9pm to 1pm there will be a special programme about the songs of the 750. anniversary of 1987.

Dr. Stefan Wolle, historian in chief, Frankfurt (Oder)
DJ Albi, disk jockey, Plauen
Date: August 25th, 2012
Time: 6pm - 2am
Entry fee: Ticket for the Long Night of the Museums

Further information

Please keep in mind: During this event, only the tickets for the Long Night of the Museums are valid!
  September 4th, 2012, 7pm
My father worked at the Ministry of State Security
Ruth Hoffmann discusses her book “Stasi-Kinder”
At the time of the dissolution, about 90,000 full-time employees worked at the Ministry of State Security. If you add all of them, who had eventually left the service before, there are far more. Even in private life they were subject to special safety regulations. That meant effects on the family, especially the children. How did they deal with it, in particular after 1989 when the Stasi stood in the pillory of the public despite?

The journalist Ruth Hoffmann from Hamburg talked to the persons affected, shot a film and wrote a book. She tells about her research and will be available for a discussion afterwards.

Ruth Hoffmann, journalist, Hamburg
Date: September 4th, 2012
Time: 7pm
Entry fee: free
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Shielded from the Western world by the iron cutain and subject to surveiilance from the Ministry for State Security, 17 million East Germans lived under the control of the Socialist Unity Party. But what was life like under Real Existing Socialism? Was it just a story of pickles from the Spree Forest, Free Body Culture and life in high-rise tower blocks? Or is the reality of Socialism better captured by concentrating on full employment and endless queuing? The 160 pages of this GDR guide introduce its readers to all the elements of life in a world which has long since dissappeared. 42 exciting chapters written by experts from the DDR Museum and including over 200 photographs and countless illustrations provide both a succinct introduction to the history of the GDR an the ideal companion to the permanent exhibition at the DDR Museum. Written by Dr. Stefan Wolle, Dr. Jochen Voit and others. "An important contribution to our inner reunification. More than just a good read, the GDR Guide should be required reading for all Germans" [literaturtipps.de].  
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