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Twice the exhibition space  Enlargement of the DDR Museum

August 28th, 2010  Mythos Che and the German Democratic Republic

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  Twice the exhibition space
Enlargement of the DDR Museum

Four years and 1.2 million visitors after the opening, the DDR Museum has started the construction works fort he enlargement of the exhibition. In autumn we will open the second exhibition part and we will therefore double the exhibition with this. Yo can expect several new topics like economy, SED-party, military and sister states but also interactive media, surprising installations, unique technology and impressive exhibits. A new hands-on experience of history!

From autumn on we also hope to see you in our larger book and souvenir shop and in the new GDR-Restaurant Domklause.

We are looking forward to your visit - during costructions we stay open without any limitations. You will find latest news about the new exhibition and the construction progress in our blog!

  August 28th, 2010, 6 pm - 2 am
Mythos Che and the German Democratic Republic
The Long Night of the Museums
Throughout the evening, DJ Albi will play hits from the Caribian, songs about friendship of the peoples, wanderlust and the biggest GDR hits. Accompagnied by good music, our visitors can enjoy caribian cocktails, typical GDR cocktails and cold draft beer.

At 10 pm, the Che Guevara expert Dr. Stephan Lahrem will give a lecture about the meaning of the revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara for the German Democratic Republic.

Lecture by:
Dr. Stephan Lahrem, author, Berlin
Date: August 28th, 2010
Time: 6 pm - 2 am
Location: DDR Museum and Visitor Center
Entry fee: Only the tickets for the Long Night of the Museums are valid

Further information

Please keep in mind: From 6 pm untill 2 am, only the tickets for the Long Night of the Museums are valid for the DDR Museum. The lecture will be in German.
  Shop - history to bestow
history to bestow

You are searching for a novel gift with a lasting effect and event-character? Why not bestowing a piece of history: A visit of the DDR Museum. The gift coupon worth 10,00 Euro can be redeemed at the cash desk for the entrance to the exhibition or for articles of the museum's shop. A visit of the DDR Museum is guaranteed an interactive and entertaining gift with niveau.  
  Shop - GDR-Game

What is a Broiler? The DDR Museum has used irony and wit to bring together some brain teasing questions. There is much to be learnt from this game and lots of fun to be had, wether you're playing alone or in a group, and for GDR connoisseurs and GDR novices alike!
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The DDR Museum

The DDR Museum is Berlin's interactive museum and shows the life in the GDR in his permanent exhibition. The museum was established in 2006 and has been one of Berlin's most visited museums since 2007. The concept "A hands-on experience of history" is considered to be unique in the world.

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