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Melanie Alperstaedt
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Stand: January 8th, 2017
Latest press release:
July 14th, 2016
DDR Museum celebrates its 10-year anniversary

Everything important at a glance

At a glance


History told in a lively, interactive and hands-on fashion. The DDR Museum in Berlin tells the story of every-day life in a bygone state. It looks “behind the wall” to understand just what it was like to live under Real Existing Socialism.

Come with us on an exceptional journey to Germany's Socialist past. Rev up the Trabi, dance like a Socialist or rummage through the cupboards in an authentic re-creation of a high-rise tower block housing estate flat. A hands-on experience of history.

Permanent exhibition: Nominated for the European Museum of the Year Award 2008 and 2012 Exhibition area: 1,000 m² Director: Quirin Graf Adelmann v. A. Chief historian: Dr Stefan Wolle Architect: Frank Wittmer



UNIQUELY INTERACTIVE: Forget rows of glass cases! The visitor is expected to interact with the fabric of the museum in order to gain the full benefit of our informative exhibition. All our exhibits are waiting to be touched, used and experienced: open the doors and pull out the drawers…

Rather than offer a narrative account of history, the exhibition gives an experience of the everyday life of the GDR, in a lively, interactive and stimulating fashion.

The visitor is swept away on an exciting journey back in time to Germany's Socialist past. Immersing themselves in the everyday life of the GDR, they extend their knowledge, explode clichés and experience history at first hand: a hands-on experience of history.

A unique source of funding: An entirely private undertaking, the DDR Museum does not receive any taxpayers’ money or other sources of official funding. Financing its activities entirely through visitor takings, this experiment has proved an unqualified success.

A unique focus: The DDR Museum is the only institution of its kind to provide an account of the conditions prevailing in the East German dictatorship. Life in the GDR was more than just nudism and prisons: its citizens managed to carve out a unique existence for themselves and a "normal" life.

The aims of the museum:

  • To stimulate an interest in history
  • To combine education and entertainment
  • To encourage our visitors to consider important questions
  • To promote human understanding


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