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Multitouch Party conference

At the centre of the GDR system was the omnipresent and omniscient party. Although there were a number of political parties in the GDR, it was clear that the Party could only mean the Socialist Unity Party. The locus of all power, it always enforced its will.

At the centre of the second half of the exhibition, the SED is symbolized by a Party conference. Working from this position, the Party controls the various instruments of power (depicted in the first semi-circle installation); this is then followed by a second semi-circle installation examining its various activities and fields of operation. 

The conference table is a Multitouch surface, unique in its design and execution. The visitor can operate using his fingers or the objects on the table. Use your fingers to tap, drag and gesture to summon the almost endless combinations of texts, pictures and videos giving information about the party structure, party life and the relationship between the Party and the Ministry of State Security. 




Multitouch Party conference
Multitouch Party conferenceMultitouch Party conference